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Final Year Dissertation


Currently in the midst of my final year dissertation on early dichotomic nature of Zoroastrianism (an ancient Iranian religion)

This is the playlist I'm listening to at the moment. Little bit eastern, little bit world, little bit soundtrack.

Gotta bit of Azam Ali, Lisa Gerrard and Yann Tiersen on there.

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I'm captivated by this mix! And I'd love to read your dissertation- if by chance it's available online, please let me know. :)

thanks TipsyMuffin. Busy writing a screenplay at the moment that is in and around the middle east quite often and this mix in the background put me in the right frame of mood to get into the story.

Dear TipsyMuffin I must deeply Thank you for your amazing mix, Its like you read my mind, it was what I needed, really appreciate your time and efforts.

Thank you so much for the kind comment! I just threw this mix together as a sort of personal one, so I'm so glad you enjoy it!