Is this playlist safe for work?

Im kind of a nerd without the brains LOL


Most of the songs are sci-fi sound like because It's a workout playlist, I will do an acoustic later :)
Any suggestion please comment

You shall not pass
I find ur lack of faith disturbing
Live long & prosper
After all this time?
The girl on fire
We have a hulk
For Narnia & for Aslan!
Where we are going we don't need roads

  • Jay,Gandalf Original Mix)*FREE DOWNLOAD* by You Shall Not Pass (Jamming
  • I Find Your Lack of Dubstep Disturbing by Robotic Regurgitation
  • A Star Trek Remix by Fight Music
  • 'Lumos Patronum' (Electronic/Dubstep) by Harry Potter Remix
  • Rue's Whistle (DigiCrash Remix) by DigiCrash BroZ
  • We Have a Hulk (Perverse Ozmosis Remix) by Wompa Fett
  • Narnia Remix by SamusiqOfficial
  • 1.40 Gigasteps ("Back to the Future" Remix) by Return Of The Spirit
  • Audio Mix by Hobbit Lord of the Rings Remix (Dubstep/Electronic)
  • Star wars remix by Daryl Corn Flexx
10 tracks
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