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You Dopey Little Dreamer, You.


I want someone who doesn't care what I do, but just cares to do it with me. At this point I'm falling too deep to be honest with myself, and I think I'd like to not believe it, but I do. I can't hold you responsible of the memories you have of me, or when they crawl up the back of your throat, and fester in your mind. I used to chip, and break, and get stuck, and hurt, but they never really saw that. Only you did, and you did all you possibly could to help start me over. Now, thanks to you, I'm made of pure marble, gold even. I can't break anymore, and I will never be able to thank you enough, but I'll never be able to forgive you either because I'll never get the sweet, freeing feeling of falling, and the enticing feeling from the challenge of getting back up again.

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