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we're still alive, ain't we?


the longest mix about survival in the apocalypse: from good to bad to impossible.

a playlist covering ten days.

UPDATE: each two days have also been divided into separate playlists for easier listening and so that, if there's one day you particularly enjoyed, you can more easily listen to it. check out my profile/the tracklist to find the playlists.

tracklist/day count: http://tissuse.tumblr.com/post/87256845568/were-still-alive-aint-we-the-long-mix-about

50 tracks
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Did you update the tracks contained within after posting the mix? I'd like to try to compile as many of these as I can into a Spotify mix that won't randomize them, though I'm having some trouble tracking them all down.

@breakermail1 Ah, I've since been ignoring the list because of the difficulty of finding the original tracks myself. I remember exactly which songs go where, though. How can I help you? What do you need?

@tissue 8Tracks is an awesome service, but sometimes the ambience of a truly great "story" playlist is ruined by the fact that it jumbles up the tracks once you've listened to it once in order, all the way through. I tried to recreate the list using Spotify Premium to keep the order intact, but I was unable to track down a lot of tracks, especially from Day 1. It's possible Spotify just doesn't have them, though, so let me do some research.

@breakermail1 I'm compiling this playlist again to post it on Playmoss - exactly as it was intended. I'll share it with you when it's complete!