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"There is no grave. No memory. Nothing."

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I don't know where to go with this. Like I'ts not my crack ship. But I'm just so in awe of the cracky inspiration that I can ship it. Like I ship her with another regular BADASS girl. But I'm interested in how this would work.

@frazier.baldwin.kc thank you for that comment haha i sort of gave birth to these two...after i started shipping jane foster/thranduil...i figured 'if jane can be with thranduil... why not darcy?!' lol

@Tituba Exactly. why not? Thranduil is maybe awesome enough for her ;) and she would definitely rock his world. I mean she was impressed by Thor "the God" and still tasered his as and ran him over and female gazed his bod even when she thought he was home dude #4, she would not put up with Thandy's I'm the King bow before me bs (in my opinion) Why yes I do have an opinion on this now, thank you for that :D