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a gin sea

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now that halloween is over, I can get some of the backlog of listen later mixes. glad I got to this one quickly. very nice, of course. love the new beach house album, tho it's pretty much the same as their last album. I'm sure I'll be dropping track from them in some upcoming mixes soon...

@dj_dim-mak Thanks and totally agree about BH. Levitation is way up there though for my favorite song of the year.

That Sandwitches song is so understated and lovely - so glad to have discovered it! Also, any mix with Jessica Pratt included makes me happy :)

@erkia Glad you enjoyed them! Btw, your mixes have been sorely by a lot people. I hope you go back to making them and blowing us away. :)

@tkyd Thank you, you are too kind! It has been a long while. Even so, I still find that ideas for mixes pop into my head out of the blue. So I have been planning to post again!