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Summer Reprieve

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@Btrxz I went all in, but the benefits man, the benefits! I got a snazzy blue uniform with the number 8/infinity sign printed on it (matching baseball cap to boot!...think stylish gas station attendant who fuels tasty tunes instead of nasty petrol). Every 8 days I get to collaborate on a mix with the resident DJ of the week (flying first class to wherever they are located). I've requested Idril for my first stab at an in-person mix session. I feel strongly that our output will be along the lines of The Books meet James Taylor and it will be groundbreaking stuff. Additionally, I gain access to the corporate jet to be used to discover new acts and it will be a +1 affair so have your bags packed (upon your wife's approval)! I'm thinking Spain for a first stop and then back to South America. Australia might be in play as well. There will be, of course, the monthly strategy sessions with the 8tracks team. I strongly would like to see A Little House on the Prairie tribute mix pack developed, so that will be at the top of my agenda. I also want to pass by the bigwigs the possibility of doing a skydiving event where mixes are created during the freefall and the chutes don't open until the first love is granted. I want to bring back adrenaline to the mix creation process. I'm of course open to all ideas so look forward to hearing what everyone else has to say. All I can say man....exciting times.

@tkyd Hott diggity DOg! I am in! How much for that level? Please let me know. And dude so typical to hound Idrill. Nothing more 8trxz cliche' I would have thought better...

@Btrxz Oh I'm not hounding her. Quite the opposite. I'm just thinking of our contrasting styles. Me with my bursts of insane nonsense and her journeys to serenity.