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2017 | The Best Shit

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I am also here to throw down some appreciation! Lovely playlist! Thank you for investing your time and hard work into these playlists. I am spreading the good word on TMMFOY!

@pmillsrulz thank you for sharing the love! I've been considering switching platforms for a while now and moving over to spotify. Do you use 8tracks for all of your music?

@TMMFOY I use the trifecta of music platforms- 8tracks, Soundcloud, and Spotify. If I am in the mood for club mixes and Eurobeats I jump over to Mixcloud. If you are switching platforms, i will find you!

Been pulling some late nights at the office to finish out a work project and this playlist is the only thing keeping me going.. One of the best things about 2017 was discovering TMMFOY and these playlists! Solid work, keep it up :-)

@jdisser15 I saw this right when you commented but couldn't respond til I got to a computer. This was the best wake up notification I've had in a while. I love knowing that people are actually living their lives across the country/world listening to the music I put together. I hope you keep coming back! Thank you for listening!