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Mutually Assured Destruction


by Don Zolidis

Soundtrack: The songs that Miami School chose to include in our rendition of the play, Mutually Assured Destruction

A century's worth of sibling squabbles is boiled down into ten vignettes in this era-hopping tribute to family. Each short play explores a distinct facet of brother and sisterhood, from fights over who caused mom and dad to split to daring escape plots that only two sisters could pull off.

2015- Mutually Assured Destruction
2002- 15 Minutes of Clown Fame
1993- The Fount of Inspiration
1985- I'm Pretty Sure This Is Your Fault
1977- A New Hopeless
1968- Coming Home
1955- Lassoing an Angel
1944- A Love Letter to Ma
1936- A Star is Almost Born
1922- Very Very Cold Feet

10 tracks
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