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October 2012 - Contextual Modulations

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Clocks (Sons Of Magdalene Dub) - Aus
Voluntary Separation - Lowercase Noises
Crosstalk Resolution - The Echelon Effect
Waiting At The Airport - Rhian Sheehan
Sleep Apologist Sam Goldberg
Chapter 5 - Ex Confusion
Trisagion of Complete Shit - Kyle Bobby Dunn
A Year Spent Alone Adam A Williams
The Surface Of Everything - Lawrence English
Runge's Last Stand - Kyle Bobby Dunn
Before We Get To Grinding - Chubby Wolf
Faint Liquid - Loscil
In Characteristic Form - Celer
No One Will Ever Find You Here - bvdub
Burn Out - Grouper & Ilyas Ahmed
Column of Air - Asuna & Opitope
Earth - Josh Varnedore
New Animals From The Air - Eluvium
I Have A Hard Time Talking About The House - Joe Frawley