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symbol and pillar


A collection covering an approximate timeline of the life of Toshinori Yagi's life.
There were a lot of songs in my One for All playlist that could easily have gone in this one, but I opted not to use them again 'cause I think that would make listening to them consecutively kind of weird. Let's just say they're a set! I put in two Mumford and Sons songs because I'm weak and my folksy little heart has no chill.
Cover art is mine! Here's the full image:

10 tracks
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Hoooooly moly this was wonderful!! Little Lion Man was my favorite one outta all of them and I teared up at the Human of the Year. Awesome job!! :D

@crazytwirlcurls Aawww gosh thanks, I appreciate it!! Little Lion Man is definitely one of my all time faves for him...the self-blame vibe is strong in that one. @v@