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Best, Undiscovered Vocal EDM #2


Set your speakers on the beach and rock out half naked, look at the stars as your music plays in the background, reminisce on lovely past memories with your earbuds cranked up. Prepare to experience the feelings that only vocal EDM can provide.

Cover photo: EDM singer Christina Novelli (present in playlist)

12 tracks
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the man has done it again! this second playlist compliments the first one so well and has lots of new VOCAL EDM like no one else! these tracks always make my workout playlist and keep me going through the day. thank you!

@nate.fitz2 I remember you being one of the first to like my initial playlist! So i want to thank you because I imagine those early likes are vital in determining whether the playlist gets noticed or not. I'm glad you like my music, #3 is coming soon... :P

i love that your playlist is actually VOCAL edm. and the best at that. thank you. some of my favorite tracks and some new ones that I love just as much. amazing <3