14 comments on The Beautiful Side of EDM by Tobiasq

Hello! I'm not sure if you are still active here but I just wanted to say that I'm really grateful to have discovered your playlist because I had a hard time describing and finding my taste but this is just perfect! It'll be great if you could upload the deleted songs somewhere :) Cheers

Hey Samuel, 8tracks forbid users from putting soundcloud songs within our playlists. Since a ton of my songs were from soundcloud, a lot of my playlists got deleted. I'm super pissed about it, and believe 8tracks made a terrible decision, but what canya do?? I will be posting some playlists in the future and if you want the songs on my deleted playlists let me know!

Tobiasq - I've listened to multiple playlists and your taste in Vocal EDM music delights my ear! Thank you and please please please keep up the good work :-)