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welcome to weeb hell


im so sorry mom. I'm putting like every soul eater opening and ending in here bc I love it okay.

  • Attack on titan Opening 2 by Choice Wars
  • Sakura Kiss by Alea Sdlonyer
  • Soul Eater ED by abingdon boys school
  • Black Paper Moon by Soul Eater Opening 2
  • Attack on Titan (opening) by Danjal Shafiei
  • Noragami OP Opening Full ノラガミ by AnimeTunedWinter2014B
  • Soul eater ending 4 full by Széplaki Sakura Ágnes
  • SAO by *CLEAR* Crossing Fields
  • Daisy by Stereo Dive Foundation
  • デス・パレード OP Death Parade Opening Fulli Flyers By BRADIO by Manoel Neto
  • Bakusou Yuma uta by Soul eater Ending
  • No.6 opening FULL by Spell
  • Trigger by Zankyou No Terror OP
  • Soul Eater Ending 1 full by Animelay
  • Again by YUI
  • Tokyo Ghoul OP (東京喰種 トーキョーグール) by Unravel
  • Soul eater opening 1 full by Széplaki Sakura Ágnes
17 tracks
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