Hi, I'm David and I'm a UK based Search Engine Optimization professional and my principal focus is on Ecommerce and Affiliate SEO.

I'm different to every other Search engine optimizations as I have actually held numerous long term senior management positions in Sales, Project Management and Ecommerce with both private and publicly owned business. This has a furnished me with an absolutely distinct outlook on SEO and what's needed in order to succeed and to make that success occur.

A few of you may likewise have actually seen a few of the posts I've composed that have been released on a few of the more popular industry sites and I'm likewise in the process of completing a book about strategic Search Engine Optimization.

One of devices I make use of in my daily life is a piece of software application called Magic Submitter and this is what my web site has to do with; Ways to get the very best from Magic Submitter.

I have actually been developing links with Magic Submitter for more than 3 years now. Over this time I have actually ranked numerous different web sites in many various niches, many with the help of Magic Submitter.

Magic Submitter isn't really the only tool I make use of, however it is among my favourites, primarily because of how flexible it is.

Magic Submitter is an incredible device, however can be a bit overwhelming when you initially begin using it, but as I've been utilizing it for so long and understand it inside out so to speak, it made sense for me to share this knowledge by means of my site in order to assist brand-new users or other individuals who may be having a hard time in setting it up.

If you get 5 minutes and have an interest in SEO, then kindly take a look at my website and I 'd suggest firstly you take a look at my Magic Submitter Testimonial. It lays out in detail exactly what Magic Submitter can do and exactly what you as a user must be able to achieve with a little care.

You'll likewise find a contact type on my site if you need to reach me about Magic Submitter or anything else.

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