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This mix is sort of a tribute to what's quite possibly my number one favourite song ever, Albatross by Fleetwood Mac. There's 42 minutes of the fairest of all in here!

12 tracks
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1. Little Pad by Beach Boys
2. Fine For Now by Grizzly Bear
3. Albatross by Fleetwood Mac
4. Sun King by The Beatles
5. Swtich Ambulance Trip by The Samuel Jackson Five
6. Bright Shiny Lights by Patrick Watson
7. On My Own by Will Oldham & Tortoise
8. Teenage Spaceship by Smog
9. Writing To St. Peter by Mojave 3
10. Spaced by Smashing Pumpkins
11. Here She Comes by Slowdive
12. Muzzle Of Bees by Wilco