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This is a fantastic noir mix with artists that I have never heard of before. I created a film noir mix several years ago that you might be interested in hearing. I have been working a compiling a sequel to this mix and this has provided me with some more ideas. I sepecially like Peter McConnell, Dead Moon and Tony Schwartz. There is a fantastic vibe throughout.

Please check out the post of my mix at Eclectic Grooves:" rel="external">

Here is the link to my mix:

Cheers Kevin, I'm glad you liked it.

I would love to listen to your mix, but I'm afraid I won't download any music, and I'm not exactly confident you should even be posting it, unless you own the rights to every track in the compilation.

I mean no offence, but I encourage you to upload your mix to 8tracks instead, so that the rest of us can enjoy streaming it.