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a mix for myths of unova


1. (adj) describing an experience that makes you fearful, yet fascinated, awed, yet attracted - the powerful, personal feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired

2. (adj) having a strong religious or spiritual quality; indicating or suggesting the presence of a divinity

credit to other-wordly for providing me for the definition of numinous and kynim/mythsofunova/kynimdraws for the cover and the amazing nuzlocke that is myths of unova!

8 tracks
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Thankful that someone else is also Nuzlocking B/W or B/W2, working on it and there's already been one death. Frick.

@emeraldstg i understand the first song (wanderer's lullaby) is from adrisaurus, and if you'd like, i'd happily give her credit! however, the theme of the song is by kynim and the mix of songs/playlist is created by me! a mix is more than one song, and adrisaurus did not create the whole mix, or all the songs. they only created the first song, and their name is stapled there. yes - this is a mix! yes - the first song is by adrisaurus ! but the whole mix, myths of unova, do not belong to adrisaurus. thanks for leaving a comment anywho!