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New York, we will meet one day


the last song is the first song i will listen to the day i set foot in new york :)

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Hi! I'm from Mexico City.. One of my biggest dreams was to visit NY.. I just returned from there. I went to NY only for two days, but they were amazing! I couldn't believe I was there after so many years of dreaming with that. As bbliss said, there are too many things to do. I can't wait to go again. The moment I set my feet on the sidewalk I wished I had a soundtrack, your playlist is perfect for that. Don't plan it too much, just do it. =)

@julieta.martinezchi This is so great! I'm so happy for you, and very glad that you got your dream accomplished. New York really is something else isn't it? THaha thank you for listening to this mix and enjoying it. Maybe one day I'll get the courage to get up and leave haha.

have you talked about with your parents or whoever you live with? im from New York so i visit a lot, not the city, the part i visit is pretty ghetto haha but New York is just fantastic it really doesn't matter what part you're in, i think everyone deserves to go to New York and experience everything at least once, it's amazing, all the different types of people, how some are busy and in a rush while others are just admiring everything. there's an endless amount of things to do, i really hope you get to experience it! theres absolutely nothing like it! x

@bbliss Yes I've talked about with my parents and if things go right this year I'll get to go in December! God I know, New York really is something different, like I know a lot of people say it is overrated, overpriced, and things like that but I've been once before when I was a kid (don't remember much, but it was still amazing) and I haven't forgotten about it. It really leaves a mark on people. And omg that is so cool that you're from New York, hearing this from someone who lives near the city is really great! Especially when it's good talk of New York, I usually have people telling me how "dirty" and crowded it is. Haha it's great to finally hear a positive input of New York. Maybe soon I'll go and experience it, thank you! xxx