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tommyjohndub's March 2010 mix

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Thanks for the detailed comment. Ganja Smugglin is an Eek-a-Mouse cover. I prefer the Expendables version because of the guitar solo. Audiodub is the least established of the group but they throw down a great live performance in SF and are personal friends of mine.

Amazing guitar solo in Ganja Smugglin. A great song to start this play list. Just a nice chill beat, Love the album name, made me laugh: "Not stoned enough to eat breakfast yet." its just so true. Island girl has a nice tropical feeling. "My Opinion" is a fun song to rap to. Feeling Alright! just has an amazing acoustic feel to it, this song really knows how to chill the fuck out. Save Your Soul has such a different feel, good feel but different, really nice flow for right after feeling alright. After chillin out, this song takes you to a different world. The guitar with those effect pedals are so amazing, just a bounce feeling with a bunch of those slick fills,"Sacrifice". Really like the message behind Sacrifice. "Officer" such a good song, the lyrics are so funny. almost everybody can relate to this song, that's how good it is. The Supervillians are so funny, with some great music. Above the Bones is a chill song, great ending to an amazing play list.