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Bleep, bloop

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whomadewho=very comfortable, uplifting, a little pep in 'ur' step,funky,mellow vocals, great with headphones walking onto an airplane.
Nouvelle Vague= wow,great Dead Kennedy's cover (perhaps better than the original ?) she sounds adorable.
Aeroplane=this one not grabbing me so much, not too interesting, too clean perhaps, it certainly doesn't hurt the ears though.
Ellie Goulding= i wonder how the original sounds, this one too busy for my taste, but wait.....kinda' growing on me in the middle of song and toward the end, im neutral on this track.
The Flying Lizards= holy shit!!!!! what a great track, i need to write these guys down on a piece of paper labeled "listen to more of these dude's".
marina and the diamonds=nice,pretty,good singer.
Passion Pit= i like this , it's different taste than what i prefer, beyond Jamiroquai.
La Roux=wowzer, slow and good, i could cruise in a car with this stuff......thx Tom....... good mix........sorry for my crazy review/critic strategy......... Luke.