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Do It Right!

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Hey..glad to hear, as always, that you like a lot of the stuff I put up here. I have an issue with my 8tracks at the moment though, certain songs have been replaced with (inferior imo) live versions, including one in this mix. I used the Draw the Line version for the Aerosmith track, but it has changed to an live unplugged one. Other mixes include having Brown Sugar, Purple Haze and Black replaced with live versions. It is pissing me off a bit and putting me off adding more mixes. I have googled and stuff, but can't seem to find anything on it. If you hear anything about this I'd appreciate it if you could point me in the direction

I have a similar problem but what mine is doing is uploading the song above the one i'm uploading so I just upload the one below the one I want.
Don't know if this helps.
Good luck.
Try trouble shooting or contact 8 tracks.