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One Heck Of A Story


Some 8tracks playlists tell a story. This one tells 20. They loosely follow a young couple casually falling in love, striving through challenges of life, through sickness & health. The twilight songs sadly reflect the wilted aging couple, one passing, the other despondent and then passing shortly after.

Inspired by Maggie Baugh's promising-relationship title song from Heck of a Story, it later features a tumultuous original song about trouble in a should-be-perfect relationship. That song was written by a good friend, the late Jeff Sartori, drummer of Johnny & The Shakers. Jeff was born with an upside-down heart. He was not supposed to survive and lived much longer than expected. A normal life for a while, but he knew he was on borrowed time. He taught me to appreciate life.

20 tracks
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