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Some Music About Dancing


If you like 80s dancing, you'll learn live & love this music. But this is not music to play in the club LOL. This is music to play privately in the car or at work or at home. If your listening requirements are limited to only new or old songs, or just to pop or hard rock or country or alternative or R&B or soul or jazz or new wave, punk, disco, or any other singular genre, then you will not have the capacity to appreciate the diverse nature of a Toneslist playlist. Sorry, David Bowie is not on this playlist either. Try the Music of the Stars playlist for a David Bowie song. The picture is a distressed Amymarie Gaertner from YouTube and Vine, dancing with a dorky guy that kind of looks like me. Maybe it is? I think it is the only time I have ever seen her frown? Songs rearranged 1-2-2017

21 tracks
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