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1968: The Complete Top 100

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Thank you for this glorious mix. I am writing a scene in a novel about one of those underground 60s clubs and this mix is PERFECT for it.

Oh ANDYP2013- you would ask me that now. Honestly, I forget who it is. My computer that had all of the images has since, sadly, passed away (R.I.P. Hewlett Packard).

After you posted this comment I looked all over the place to find it again and could not find it anywhere. When I initially created this, I had done a Google search on various playmates and centerfolds from 1968 and the website that had an extensive collection of late 60's early 70's centerfold models appears to be non-existent anymore. Or, it might be Angie Dickinson because I was obsessed with her for a minute. If I stumble upon it again I will let you know.

Ah... thank you StandingBear! Guess she's about 7 years too early to be fully accurate with this playlist, but we'll live with that I hope.