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Chapter 11: The Girl From City Market

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your a dumbass! you totally should have talked to her. I came across this mix because i have no idea where my phone and i had to message you because how have i not heard the band The Organ..the hot lesbian chicks from canada.. i love the song basement band. This is a Great mix by the way. I also cant stop listening to Ch.2 of 2012 that's become my obsession. You really should have talked to half and half girl. I believe the correct term for us cream gals is... Cafe au Lait: Similar to Caffe Latte, except that an au lait is made with brewed coffee instead of espresso. Additionally, the ratio of milk to coffee is 1:1, making for a much less intense taste.

WTF??? When did you start reading my blog? Now I'm scared to post the rest of the story. I suppose you read the Jennylou Nightmare as well. I'll send you your money and your mix soon- I don't have envelopes or stamps and its fucking cold and snowy to walk to the post office. People requested I write an autobiography and I had to do a lot of soul searching. There's close 50 more chapters of this that I have to post and you're in it quite a bit, so... whatever, you can do whatever you want.

why are you so shocked? Of course I read some of the stuff you post. You knew that. We have discussed a couple blogs that you have written in the past. And you most defiantly know I follow your mixes. So obviously I was interested when I saw the girl from city market mix and link. Duh duh duh Tony J.

Sorry, I'm kinda dumb sometimes. I only thought you read the ones that I sent you links for; a little embarrassed I guess-- I hope nobody from City Market reads it. I'm reluctant to post the rest of this story; I don't want people I know to read it. More than likely I am going to be disowned by my entire family if I continue.

Anyway, I think that girl might have thought I was stealing coffee or something. I never was very smooth with those things you know.