Is this playlist safe for work?

To the chick that's in Grahamstown.


This playlist is dedicated to my bitch.

( dear reader, I'm sorry about the crude language, but this written part was not meant for you - so close your eyes )

Tshepo, read the comment that is below.
8tracks doesn't allow me to express myself.

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Oboitshepo Tladi, I know you haven't left yet, but I'm a prepared mofo - and I nogal gave you your own special playlist - so don't wys me anymore.
Thank you for being the only friend that understood / understands the importance of the bass.

Yikes, the main factor that ignited this friendship was music ( I thank God for that ).
Grade 8: I'll never forget our movie date to the Waterfront.
I listened to Common's I Want You feat. Will.I.Am on your phone. My mind was blown. "This chick listens to my music!".
Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Common, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Pharrell, Erykah Badu. Now: Evil Needle, DJ Kenzhero (haha), Kaytranada and so forth.

My gyaal, you are destined for greatness, because your mind is not on this earthly crappy level of thinking. You honestly suck for leaving. Who am I going to get excited with (when 'If' plays) on the dance floor?! God really cares for you though ... one can tell.

So call me when once you have met your husband (but you first need to make him listen to this playlist to confirm that he's the one. If he knows one of these songs - he can get it !)

P.S thank you for allowing me to DJ at your party. It's going to be HIT ! haha.

I love you.
Please listen to this everyday at Rhodes.