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Byebye Mux Pt 1.


Twenty tracks of indie and hip hop.Some of the songs that I've playlistified here in Japan over the last three months and transferred to Mux for a friend across a particularly large river to enjoy. Now of course they're gone so here are a few from memory. I think I'll do this one over two parts.

20 tracks
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umm. well my main issue with mux was that you could only have one mix registered at a time for one email address and would have to delete the mix if you wanted to upload another one. for this reason, i had probably about 15 or so of them from various ones. um. powermouse, tetrapod, ghosthands, ichigokapukeki are a few off the top of my head. i loved the lofi layout of the site and also that you could see someones tracklist at a glance.. which is the main reason why i always copy and paste the tracklist.