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a Mikado Ryuugamine fanmix. contains sad electronica and spoilers through the end of the light novels.

edit: took some finagling but I fixed Static to the Heart!!

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10 tracks
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Tearing up straight from the get go, Dull Life is PERFECT for Mikado. I love this kid so much, thanks for adding to my feels <3

@everworld2662 aaaah, you are so welcome!! Mikado's my fav, I was so disheartened to see so little representation for him on 8tracks, so I'm glad mine didn't disappoint!! :))

I may or may not shed real tears over this playlist. Like, GEEZE, it's just so good, and Mikado is so near and dear to my heart and sorely under appreciated. This is all just so spot on, it's amazing.

@Squidlium Wwweh, what a hugely flattering compliment!! thank you so much! Mikado is hugely under-represented in this fandom, I am glad that I could fill the void to satifaction. : )

Wow. The lyrics of each individual song are perfectly suited to this mix, but the overall tone is /so/ perfect that I am almost more struck by that than the admittedly stellar lyrics, even. Your mixes are always and consistently mindblowingly well-put-together, and this is no exception. You've make a Mikado fan of me :)