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an · ti · pode n. a direct or diametrical opposite or one of a pair of antipodes.

// songs for the ones who share souls but not homes, the ones who come from different worlds but are made of the same stardust. for the best friends who've never locked eyes. for the ones who've never needed to.


(for tahera, across far too many oceans.)

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I'm writing this 24 hours after I liked it, and all I can say is...I'm speechless. I really don't know how you conjure such fitting and emotional playlists for me. This is pure, bittersweet magic and all I can say is thank you (even though it's not enough) and I love you (and even that isn't enough to express how I feel) x

@fragilelittleflame oh, darling. I adore you limitlessly, and your friendship over the past three (?!?!?!?!) years has been a light in the darkness. I should be the one thanking you.