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of late night fears, different "now"'s post-traumas, capitalized-lettered love and the one that is not, and a friend that was an enemy that was a friend

(amazing art by fofufofu on tumblr)

8 tracks
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Ahhh I love their relationship so much. It's so difficult to wrap your mind around. And I appreciate any Frisk/Sans that doesn't have a romantic connotation that I can get. This mix is really cool for a different, more complex look at their friendship. Thanks so much for making this!

@memben wahh i'm so happy you liked it! and.. same. i like their relationship as kind of a ..something, that they can't exactly put into words, but they don't talk much about important stuff anyway so it's fine..and it is fine, no matter how weird and messed up a lot of things are. or at least it will be