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K-Pop Mashups


Kpop mash-ups.

There is a lot of energy in this mix. Take it with you to the gym, on a jog, or play it to get pumped for clubbing.

  • Blackjack Pride [Drokas Megamix] by 2NE1
  • POP Special Party 2013 by K
  • I'm Busy Being High by GD&TOP vs. 2NE1
  • 유성은 Yu Seong Eun Be OK Feat. 배치기 (김동욱 KDW Multiblend) by 김동욱rmx
  • K-pop In A G6 Mix by DJ Masa
  • POP 2012 by HOT K
  • I Am The Fantastic Gangnam Style Baby by 2NE1 ft. BIGBANG ft. PSY
  • Give & Love (Espio Mashup) by Netsky VS 2NE1
  • Fire Puppy (Espio Mashup) by Netsky VS 2NE1
  • Lets Talk About Love by Seungri Ft. G Dragon & Taeyang
  • POP Till The World Ends (2011 PART I) by K
  • POP 2010 (PART I) by HOT K
  • POP 2010 (PART II) by HOT K
  • shimmixes by Shimmixes
  • shimmixes by Shimmixes
  • Expectational Diary by T-ara N4 vs. Girl's Day vs. U-Kiss
  • pop songs by Mashup! 18 K
  • Mini Kpop Mashup by TurnOnYourTV
18 tracks