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1994: Levi

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Could you please renew the link you gave to mafialady? This track is marvelous and so I would want to have it for the same reason as mafialady. I think not only I would be grateful for it.

This is gold, this is pure gold. I would like to describe here my whole love for this fanmix but I don't think there are proper words for that. Thank you for making it.

I love this fanmix so much, it's ridiculous. It's become regular listening when I'm in the car or packing out at work and want a bit of escapism from the task. The more I listen to this, the more I find songs that I didn't think I would like nearly as much as I end loving them.

"Frozen", "Summerhead", "Clean", "Sadeness", "Contact the Fact", and "Amen Yves" are probably my favorites on here. This is so perfect for Levi in all his gothic moodiness in "1994", and it's just a damn good mix period.