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bleak bleak bleak


Some bleak shit from soundcloud.

Twenty tracks including music by Burial Hex, DRAIИ CLEAИER, and Dronimous.

  • A.E.H.-H.E.A. by Unhuman
  • Last Days by Wode
  • Slow March to Death by How's Annie
  • Excerpt from Nightfall II by Burial Hex
  • Are you there? by DRAIИ CLEAИER
  • Under the obelisk by monolithian
  • III by Dronimous
  • Infatution ov Death by Pit ov Bones
  • Leaf Decay by Lost Harbours
  • And only I, know why by femaleband
  • Skyscraper by Kurtz
  • A4 by Material
  • Kepler by Sturqen
  • A Passage in Mirror by Throudos
  • Being Boiled(Human League Cover) by Stress Disorder
  • Elysium by Hollow Press
  • Gone by Ryder Farms
  • Depraved by WereVVolfe Gallery
18 tracks
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