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✧☾.:Once Upon a Ɲigɦtɱɑʀe:.☽✧


Starts sweet, then gets progressively dark (yandere) with a corrupt sandman chara. uvu
/please tell me if I need to rearrange some songs/

Love's so alive, but it died in its sleep
And now that it's dead, I live in your head, and I will haunt your f̤͚̩̟̹̠u͓̭̟̻ͅc͎̬̪̯ͅk̳̝̲̝̰i͇̯̪͙̥̳ͅng̹̯͚̻̲̹͓ ̲̣̞̼̰d̠̝̟͉r͈̭̖e͇͉͙̱̖̖̞a͓̥̥̯m̥ͅs̠

11 tracks
2 comments on ✧☾.:Once Upon a Ɲigɦtɱɑʀe:.☽✧

Have to love the fact that's it's all laughs and giggles... 'till it's not.. (also kudos on that one last song it's one of my favorites ever...)

@Soenatte Indeed lmao that's Spec for you! /<deceitful piece o shit/ And really? :D You mean The Haunting by Set It Off or Evil Night Together by Jill Tracy?? ovo

@town-of-spectres pfff... u.u/) the worst thing is that it's probably horribly effective. And I meant the Haunting xD; it's one of the songs that I really don't mind letting play even when I'm not in the particular mood to listen to which is more or less how I define my favorites. And seriously though, you also have Haunted by the Thought of You in there which also happens to be one of my favorite songs by Jill Tracy. This playlist is music to my ears~ (...and no, no I didn't just say that... I'm sorry I'll see myself out >>;;; )