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they closed their eyes and prayed you would change


@ my mom and dad, i'm sorry for being trans.

there are HEAVY mentions and descriptions of rape/abuse/incest in Cleaning Out My Closet by Angel Haze so please watch out!

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hey, I'm sitting here trying to understand the meaning of "you are a runner...", could you share your opinion? and this is an amazing playlist like reallyreally good, thank you for this

@sorrowender thank you so much!! and as for "you are the runner..." , here's a quote from the writer of the song that i believe clears it up. The singer is attempting to run from his father's perception. " “You Are a Runner” is more about who I am in relation to my family, my father. That song is just about, well, I’m not going to get into great detail, but my father is a certain way, and there are days when it’s obvious to me that I could turn out that way, and that’s not a way I want to be, and it has a certain effect on the people who are close to him, and then I see the people that are close to me getting affected in the same way. That’s it on a basic level, I sort of… I don’t want to get into it beyond those vague terms."