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A Much Needed Study Buddy


Music by Hans Zimmer, Carter Burwell, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Thomas Newman to name a few. This playlist may even make studying enjoyable!

Peace and goodwill.

  • Dead Already by Thomas Newman
  • Inception OST FLAC by Hans Zimmer
  • Mercede`s lullaby by Maestro1
  • Jerry Brubaker by The Polar Express
  • 'Flight to Neverland' from Hook (1991) by John Williams
  • Hedwig's theme by Comopodeumpeixevivo
  • This Land (instrumental) by Hans Zimmer
  • Claire de Lune by adajio64
  • The Coney Island Waltz by Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • American Beauty Soundtrack (American Beauty) by frengerss
  • RockGentleman by A Whole New World
  • Briony Remake by Karl Blend
    Atonement Soundtrack
  • Salut d'amour by Canella-Trio
  • 02 - The King's Speech by levan pavlenishvili
  • The Breaking Of The Fellowship By Howard Shore by Monay
  • Que tal uma música para acompanhar a leitura? by Tarzan
    A Wondrous Place
16 tracks