34 comments on genderplay by tracedust

You're an absolute angel for making this! Bless you!!! I've never found such a big + awesome collection of genderswaps ;w;

I can't stand Surfer Girl, but all the rest are awesome, particularly: Hot in Herre, Be My Husband, No Scrubs and Alejandro. Thanks to this playlist I actually got annoyed with a cover of The House of the Rising Sun. It started out with such potential and then it changed the pronouns.

I honestly listened to this all day, all week, when I first heard it... I found it on tumblr, along with a download link, and I've been playing at work ever since

this is so freakin' fantastic. i've been having a stressy evening and this mix is really helping :) also that joco cover of alanis morrisette is so dang good omg.