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Death and all His Angels


So if you see me at showtime / looking like Hell / I was up after midnight / ringing a bell

Demon!Moriarty mix
All tracks are instrumental except for the first and last

UPDATE: The amazing @an-impossible-thing wrote a fabulous fic to go with this mix! Check it out:

  • Noah Gundersen cover by Ring A Bell
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Wind Chimes by lookatme sounds
  • Johannes Brahms Hungarian Dance No.5 by Charleston Virtuosi
  • Once Upon A December (music box version) by Unknown
  • Aquarium by Camille Saint-Saëns
  • Hello Night by Zoë Keating
  • a diabolic waltz by Iwasaki Taku
  • Oh Death by Noah Gundersen
8 tracks
6 comments on Death and all His Angels

I am soooo glad you like it!! I'm actually going to participating in something called Camp NaNoWriMo next month and this is going to be the story that I write. I anticipate it being 10,000 words + so I hope you're ready for anfreaking long story. It's not really a crossover so much as I'm just using the same lore about demons (and fallen angels later) because I like the way Spn sets it up.

"You summoned me?" The demon questioned nonchalantly. The weak, pale figure nodded. "I-I did. I'm dying and it's tearing my family apart. We're very poor you see and...." Richard Brook was barely able to choke out these words. The temptress standing in front of him made his voice quiver and his throat go dry. Rich knew he shouldn't be making this deal but it was the only way to keep his family from falling apart. "I know. I can help you. Ten years for you to live a healthy life and save your family and then I come to collect. Oh you'll be a hit in Hell." The red-haired demon smirked around her words.

It makes me so happy that somebody's actually doing something based on something I did :)
The story's sounding great so far!
(is this gonna be like a Supernatural crossover thing or... idk just the whole "ten years until you pay up to the demon overlord" thing just reminds me of Spn...)

Ahhhh sorry it took me ao long to reply!! It's like a texting app that I use on my ipad. Anyway, if you don't have one I'll just send you a link as soon as I upload it

This mix is gorgeous. You've picked all if the perfect songs for Demon!Jim. If you don't mind, I would love to write something based on this!

You're awesome, alright. Seriously.
I would be flattered if you wrote something for this!
Just send me the link when you're done :)