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Too Good To Be Too Fast


Despite the stereotype, Jack plus alcohol is a recipe for disaster. That is unless you add that cute stranger from across the bar to the equation.

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I don't know if you still use this or will see this, but I saw the comment about writing a fic and wouldn't mind doing so, I think the description you have for the mix leads to a nice angst-ridden story once it got to that point. Of course once I finished it I'd tag this in it (most likely on archive of our own and wattpad) under the name timeblues :)

Hey this is such a cute playlist but I wanted to point out that you have a song labeled incorrectly! What you have labeled Liebe by Sido is actually the songTous Les Mêmes by Stromae!

@Chantellylace Hello! I read your comment about my playlist's description, and that made me incredibly happy that you liked my idea and the way I wrote it. Honestly, that made my day. However, I don't think I can write a fan fiction about this. I'm already clogged with so many fics to write (mostly septiplier) and I feel that a fic like that can only lead to smut, something I cannot write for the life of me. But if you or anyone you know would like to step up and take the challenge, it would be highly encouraged. All I ask is you (or anyone else) tag me and my playlist. I definitely would want to read it! Thank you so much for commenting and make it a great day!