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Dream with eyes wide open.


Fifty-one tracks including music by Acer Records, AdrianPuma, and AfflictedOne.

  • Electronic/Dubstep by Gamaliel Gaby Olmeda
  • Electronic Mix by Dubstep
  • Electronic house dubstep mix by Flipped Bass
  • [Dubstep, Electronic] Test Nr. 2 by TheRollyBeats
  • Dubstep V Electro House V Techno by Michael Pro ©
  • On The Road (Instrumental) BEATS by D.O.G DJ/Turntablist
  • Juice (FREE) by Cordite Eddy J
  • Kills Mirrors) by Lights Out (Natalia
  • Mystik by Devinski
  • LOST by lunlight
  • Ibiza Mayhem (Radio Edit) by Tim_Scott
  • Genre Fusion by Chronic Electro
  • February SWAG Chart (Ball So Hard) by FilyPusha
  • Energized by MegaGuay
  • Electronic/Dance Hip Hop Beat by O.S. aka Out Spoken
  • I'm On That Shit by AdrianPuma
  • BLAT (Instrumental hop trance) by A Sadness After Fame
  • Attack of the Hungry Jubb by Red Epic
  • Preview by Ro$aMayKon Beat$
  • Hip Hope Rough Cut #1 (1st Mix) by AfflictedOne
  • WOO by Woo
  • Making History (ft. Phresh Music) by SimonSaysUK
  • The Air That I Breathe (Full Version in Description) by DoubleScreen
  • Easy E New Dubstep Remix produced by DJ Taylormade
24 tracks
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