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  • All The Small Things (8-bit) by Blink-182
  • Smells Like Kid's Spirit (MGMT Vs Nirvana) 8 by Bit Remix
  • Bit Universe by Uma Thurman (8 Bit Remix Cover Version) [Tribute To Fall Out Boy]
  • bit) by Stairway to Heaven (8
  • Ain't It Fun 8-bit Cover FULL by Paramore
  • Burn It Down (8 Bit Remix) by Linkin Park
  • Fall Out Boy [8-bit] by I Don't Care
  • Bit Cover) by Teenage Dirtbag(8
  • [8BIT] Lana Del Rey | Young and Beautiful cover by FrankJavCee
  • Creep 8bit by Radiohead
10 tracks