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Wow that was really cool thx
Pontus Alv was very inspirational to me as a skater but i had no idea he made music too (and what music)

Fitter Happier - Radiohead
Getaway Tonight - Opossom
Happy Melted City - Black Moth Super Rainbow
I Think It's Beautiful That You Are 256 Colors Too - Black Moth Super Raibow
Zodiac Shit - Flying Lotus
Tea Leaf Dancers - Flying Lotus
Is It Love - Thundercat
Lanquidity - Sun Ra
For Love I Come - Thundercat
Expectation - Tame Impala
Sky Ghosts - The Depreciation Guild
Teeth - Shlomho
Lost - Actress
Cancion Sintetica - Cristian Vogel
Hamburger Lady - Throbbing Gristle
??? - ???
Contain - Plastikman
MK Zero 900 - spacedimensioncontroller
Anyi - T++
Majestic Visions - Shackleton
Cactus - Objekt
Divine Moments Of Truth - Shpongle
Moonbeam Rider - Slugabed
Quantum Leap - Slugabed
Ultra Thizz - Rustie
Galaxy In Janaki - Flying Lotus
Forever Heavy (800% slower) - Black Moth Super Rainbow
"It's Just A Ride" - Bill Hicks