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Beauty & The Beast Official Soundtrack (2017)

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@treacherous_dreams yes ahaha I know it was in the movie twice, but the music box track you have isn't the one from that scene in the movie. if you go on youtube and search the movie title and the song the DisneyMusicVEVO account has it uploaded. sorry, just trying to help!!

@samlawson37 You're absolutely right! I accidentally used the Demo version. Thank you so much for catching it! I'll get that fixed right away :)

so so so happy someone put this in a playlist!! but just an fyi, your "how does a moment last forever (music box)" isn't the one from the movie...

@samlawson37 Thank you so much! And the song was actually used twice in the movie, once in the beginning when Maurice sang it(which is the one I think you're referring to) and later on, when Belle visits Paris with the Beast. I added both in the mix, one is with the "music box" and one is with "montartre". I hope that makes sense haha :)