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High School Daze


Twelve tracks I played on repeat in high school. List includes tracks by Arcade Fire, Belle & Sebastian, and Bright Eyes. I especially love the B&S track because it reminds me so much of my Catholic high school. Any of these remind you of those days?

12 tracks
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ah, great mix. accurate for me. it's almost eerie how close it is to what i was listening to in high school. and the unicorns ROCK! sidenote: i met nick diamonds a few months ago at an islands show. sweet music and cool dudes.

this has been the best mix that randomly popped up. all bands and songs i listened to throughout high school, i still hold near and dear. thanks for the trip down that lane. every song that came next revived old feelings&memories. my night lost sense of time but simultaneously reminded me of how fleeting it really is. thank you, this moment of novelty has become rare..

Nope but they do remind me of grad school days a lot of fun here. I would be talking head black flag killing the clash cure pixies Jane's addiction public enemy beastie boys.... for my HS days he3 I am OLDE!!- thx!!