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Things We Lost in the Fire

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This is one of the few Tolkien mixes to use modern day songs so effectively. Usually Celtic or Instrumental tunes are used to set the tone and tell a story that aligns with the cannon, so when "Fire Escape" started playing I was caught off guard. As the tracks progressed I realized I found something truly special. Fantastic work trelan, you did wonderfully.

I absolutely love this mix, but now when I listen, it's only four songs long and missing things I know used to be there. Do you have the track list somewhere? Thank you!

@imperfectly I reuploaded the songs, so hopefully they work! Just in case, I added the link to the tracklist in the description. :)

@trelan Thank you soo much! I'm out of listens for today (because I repeated it before I realized everything was missing) but I'll try again tomorrow!