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Slow Dance Memory Deluxe


Summon the courage to ask them for the final slow dance.

but till i can see
that you'd really care for me
i'll keep trying to hide
the way i feel inside

19 tracks
1 comment on Slow Dance Memory Deluxe

Very nicely done! But I couldn´t listen from track 14 onwards which btw is Faith No More´s cover of the Commodores and not the original track as described.
This is the kind of mix where europeans and americans do it totally different, which is a good thing nevertheless.
I would appreciate if you could give my slow dance mix a try.

Thanks for the heads up. Here in Europe the Easy track is track 12 and is not Faith No More's version which is a little slower and lacks the horns and strings. This mix has caused me grief in other areas though. I've tried adding L. Reeds Perfect Day about three times but it insists on playing a cover sung by Martyn Jacques.
Well let's see how north americans do it.

I´m also in Europe and it still looks like FNM`version. It´s track 13 and not 14 btw. It happened the same to me with "Perfect Day" so I gave up on including it.
Americans do this with their typical cheesy rnb tunes.