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6 comments on IF WE MUST DIE.

I really want to thank you for this mix, it's been with me through the years, I really wish i could put into words my love for this but I don't know how.. Will you make more mixes? Do you have a tumblr?

@seashoreBookworm oh gosh, i'm really happy you love it so much and continue to love it! thank you! i'm currently dealing with some family issues so i probably won't be making anything new soon but maybe in the future? and yes, my tumblr is!

The music you've chosen for this is amazing. I love every song on here, and I've never heard any of them before! Thanks for showing me some new music. Keep on makin mixes!

This is amazing and so emotional. I rarely leave comments but I've listened to this so many times ( it just keeps happening! ) that I figured I should drop something. I love it so much; great job!!!