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but maybe i'll never be ready


"You know why," he said, tracing fingers lovingly across his sloping features. "You feel so intensely," he explained. "And the way you love people," Antonio turned his eyes to the ceiling and slumped his shoulders, shaking his head in disbelief, "it's incredible."

a fanmix for Numbered Lithograph, written by youaremarvelous (ffn).

the lovely artwork goes to zieberich (tumblr).

10 tracks
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Heyy! So I'm guessing you're Celurean, the same person who reviewed my Spamano fic, As We Were, on fanfiction. Unfortunately the website's filter pretty much blocked out all the information that would help me contact you any other way. The only thing it didn't block was 8tracks. Firstly, thank you so much for saying such wonderful things about my fic. I've never read Numbered Lithograph but I've heard some amazing things about it, and of course I know it's really popular. The fact that you compared my fic to that was pretty sweet :) And yeah, you can totally make a playlist! Thanks so much for your interest in my story :D

@The Goliath Beetle Hi! Yeah, that's me. I didn't think fanfiction would block out the url, I'm so sorry! But thanks for going through the trouble to find me on here, I really appreciate it.

@ollymolly And oh, on another note, the fic's officially complete. I dunno if that would help, if you're still making the playlist, that is :)