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Life in the Well [2011]

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@Forgotten Hero No, thank you man. 3 years later, coming back to find these wonderfull comments is a treat - that Connor Youngblood track is still fresh as the first time I heard it too, really was nothing like it - need more banjos in my edm - swampy things.

Started a new survival, as soon as I pressed play. Good god man. Getting lost in a cave with just a cobblestone pickaxe was amazing.

Haha, I seem to have a knack for attracting clone troopers to my mixtapes. Really glad you enjoyed it. The beginning of a new survival map is my favorite part too. Where each piece coal and iron ore is still sacred, where your relatively armour-less and are therefore fully aware of being fully susceptible to the ever present dangers which surround you - things seem to shine brightest when at their most fragile.

It was only a matter of time before a creeper found this mix. :)

Thank you, glad you enjoyed. I really respect people who can appreciate something even if its not what they're usually into. More people like you in the world please.

Halfway through and so far yes. Really dig Night Air.

1. Ive never heard of "post-dubstep"? Interesting.

2. What is with the picture? I'm interested.

Haha yes.... post-dubstep, technically just a blanket term for artists who make electronic music with certain rhythms and features which were influenced by dubstep.... I think.

To be honest I just use it as a way to differentiate the good dubstep from the shit kind. In my mind its more similar to what dub, garage and early dubstep actually were based on. I could just as well said not-brostep in the tag. All I know is that they are some of my favourite songs and to me they fit the setting/narrative I had in mind.

I usually don't even use genre tags at all but when I uploaded it yesterday I got all of like 1 second on the front page of 8tracks - due to someone posting 6 playlists at once no less.....I thought mentioning even one genre would counteract this bad luck. somewhat.

In regards to the picture; was browsing through lots of images of stairwells and cellars and this one kind of spoke to me. I s'pose it's not to obvious - there's a convoluted hidden message in there somewhere....

I see it. Like in I wanna go home. I like it. I also like the idea for a "non-brostep" tag. I'm into that.

This list definitely deserves more than 11 plays. Forreal.